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Friday, November 19, 2010

An Amazing Review From Wendi at makeupzombie

Another great review was done on Face Candy Couture. I had contacted Wendi to see if she would like to review Face Candy Couture Minerals and she gladly accepted and Im soo happy she did. With what I thought was an Amazing review. She was very honest and to the point. Honesty is what Im looking for so that I know what I need to improve on as a new mineral makeup maker and seller. Wendi is also hosting a giveaway for some Face Candy Couture Mineral goodies. Her contest started yesterday and will end on Turkey day which is the 25th of this month. You must go to her blog, read the instructions at the end of the review and then post on her blog what the instructions ask you to. I'd like to THANK Wendi for her review and with her review came my very 1st order ;)
Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed day lovlies ;)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What makes you sit and just think?

So what is the answer to that ? I'm a deep thinker and unfortunately sometimes I cant find the right words to say to express what I'm thinking. I know I tend to think of a bunch of things as we all do. I think the best thinking is done when you are alone or in your favorite spot with no interruptions. Just crisp clear silence. Mind flowing. Maybe a smile appears across your face, or you embrace yourself or maybe even a tear falls down your cheek. Ha now I have you thinking don't I? I know I love to think of my kids, just how much I love them and how blessed I am each and every day to have them. I know I love to think of the people that are in my life and make my life a little happier. I even think of the people I don't know. Wishing there was something I can do, to bring a smile to a strangers face. Have you ever felt this way? Deep thinking, where you become soo involved in the thought that everything else disappears and the focus is on that one thought. Can you thoughts turn into reality, can your thought make a change in someones life. Can your thought make someone smile? What about a thought that is unclear, unknown, but you tend to go there. Deep inside, that thought you feel it in your heart, you close your eyes and let the chaos of the world around you fade and disappear and then its just you and your thought, deep, dark in your mind with a shinning light of fulfilment. What about listening to a song, I mean really listening to a song. Your thoughts go wild. You come up with crazy ideas, fun ideas, ideas that you wouldn't have thought of if you weren't listening to that song. I can go on and on and all this just came from a thought ;)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Sooo EXCITED My Very 1st Review For My Face Candy Couture

Soo Kimberly from kimmiekarmalove blogspot had contacted me and wanted to do a review on my Face Candy Couture Mineral Eyeshadows. So I sent her a few goodies and her review is up and Im soo excited. I have to tell you, she just made my day. I was very excited to know that she really enjoyed my product. Click on the picture and see what Kimberly had to say about Face Candy Couture.

A Little Bit About Me.

So first off I'm not even sure if anyone will read this, but if anyone is Id like to give you a warm welcome to my blog. My name is Shantle, 35 year old mother of 3 beautiful boys. A very reserve quiet person, so basically I'm a loner, however very outgoing and friendly. Most of my time is with my boys, or working on some new hobby or venture I have. Which by the way Id love to take you along on my new or ongoing ventures.

So I'm totally clueless as to how this works, but you know what I'm just going to post whats in my heart and mind. Everyday situations, everyday questions, maybe even some answers to those questions. Will you follow me on my journey? I hope so. I want to meet beautiful, wonderful people along the way with the hopes of inspiring and being inspired. So with that said its very very nice to meet you :)

I'm going to try to post everyday and if not everyday at least once a week. My thoughts may be scattered, but I think that's the average persons thought process, so please bare with me. If you have any suggestions as to how to blog, please share, share, share away.

Looking forward to our journey.

With Warm Regards
Shantle Shipp