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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Little Bit About Me.

So first off I'm not even sure if anyone will read this, but if anyone is Id like to give you a warm welcome to my blog. My name is Shantle, 35 year old mother of 3 beautiful boys. A very reserve quiet person, so basically I'm a loner, however very outgoing and friendly. Most of my time is with my boys, or working on some new hobby or venture I have. Which by the way Id love to take you along on my new or ongoing ventures.

So I'm totally clueless as to how this works, but you know what I'm just going to post whats in my heart and mind. Everyday situations, everyday questions, maybe even some answers to those questions. Will you follow me on my journey? I hope so. I want to meet beautiful, wonderful people along the way with the hopes of inspiring and being inspired. So with that said its very very nice to meet you :)

I'm going to try to post everyday and if not everyday at least once a week. My thoughts may be scattered, but I think that's the average persons thought process, so please bare with me. If you have any suggestions as to how to blog, please share, share, share away.

Looking forward to our journey.

With Warm Regards
Shantle Shipp